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Don’t have enough experience? Tired of getting rejection after every job interviews? Not having enough experience could hinder you from succeeding in life and achieving your career goals. Good thing is that, you can be able to get a call back even without the experience required from a specific job you applied to only if you do it right. In between, here’s how you can land the job anyway.
1. Choose your ideal job in that industry. Then, research the path that most people take to get to that ideal job, using 2 or 3 different positions.

2. Understand what skills are needed for the position you want and gain them. Find a niche and become an expert. While you may not be the most experienced employee, you may become the most experienced in a specialized area.

3. Always stay positive no matter what. If you do have a job, chances are you had a good attitude during the interview process. But attitude is just as important after you’ve been hired as it was before.

4. Weave your unique credentials into your resume. Whether you’ve chosen a functional or combination resume, you need compelling content to convince hiring managers to give you a chance. Consider these areas when developing your resume.

5. Know the industry. Knowledge is power, make your brain a sponge and soak up all the information, news and insight you can get into the industry and type of role you are aiming for. Passion goes a long way in demonstrating why you’re worth a shot.

6. Volunteer to work for free. Join industry societies, volunteer and apply for internships and work experience in as many relevant places as you can, you’ll not only gain valuable experience, you’ll build a network and get a foot in the door. Once you’re in, be keen to take on responsibility, demonstrate your skills and lead projects or initiatives.

7. Network your way to work. Research the path that people most commonly take to get that ideal job, connect with people through tools like LinkedIn and Twitter, and search an apply for internships, paid and unpaid to improve your network and gain some experience you can really build on.

8. Think about any awards you have won. From employee of the month, to a top retail associate, to a dean’s list commendation, awards and honors should be listed to show your dedication and exceptional work ethic.

9. List any titles you hold for charity or school organization. Holding a job as a chairman, secretary, committee chair or treasurer for a community organization can help you network and prove your dedication to hard work.

10. Develop your expertise. If you are trying to break into fields like writing, film editing or interior design, create sample products to show your potential employers. E.g… Start a blog. As you research and gain knowledge, write about the latest developments in the industry. Include the blog in your resume.

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