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Job Description

Traineeship opportunity for x15 Students to undergo Operations Training and be confirmed as a competent Designate Controller after 8 months and after 3 months as a Controller.

The Controller is responsible for the Safe and efficient movement of Petroleum products through the Pipeline network by operating highly specialised equipment in accordance with a scheduled programme/instructions with due cognisance to volume/quality of product, the safety of personnel, company assets and satisfaction of both internal and external customers.

Controller duties involves working shifts and the hours of duties are determined by means of a shift rooster.

This includes public holidays and weekends.

Position outputs :

Communicate information as to the risk status of the Depot to relevant role players-Report and document
Extract info on applicable system relevant to risk status report
Apply and enforce company and legislation regulation pertaining to risk and see to permits, clothing, restrictions and instructions
monitor separator tanks
Detect leaks and spillages
Drain water from bund areas
Handle Transmixtures/intermixtures
Communicate relevant information
Use company operations system and software to control pipeline equipment for handling and control of mixture/intermixture
Extract and capture information, verify for accuracy and prioritise in accordance with company policies and procedures
Plan and handle the transmixer/intermixture
Plan and handle blending and/or tanker loading of intermixture
Perform minor maintenance
Plan and perform unscheduled minor maintenance (Test, lubricate and repair)
Plan and perform scheduled minor maintenance
Extract and capture information i.r.w. Maintenance
Launch and receive Pigs and Spheres
Communicate info as to launching of Pigs and Spheres
Utilise systems and software to perform launching
Launch P & S according to company policies and procedures (Isolate, drain, opening) #
Perform product metering
Communicate and use company operating system and control metering equipment
Extract and capture information
Check product metering equipment
Perform shut downs of product movement
Deal with sub standard conditions and implement corrective action to the shut down of pipelines
Monitor shut downs of the pipeline
Extract and capture information
Perform product quality tests
Use company product quality test equipment and software
Inspect and test equipment
Return or dispose product samples according to policies and procedures
Determine volume
Capture tank volumes on the system
Perform a tank dipping procedure
Perform product movement start up procedure
Perform start up utilising company operating procedures and software
Monitor initial performance of the pipeline equipment and product movement
Capture relevant information

Qualifications & Experience :

Standard 10/Grade 12 with mathematics and science. Technical qualification will be an advantage.
Good command of the English language
Medical assessment will be an inherent requirement of the job.

Competencies :

Sound interpersonal skills
Attention to detail
Conflict handling
Composed and be able to handle stressful situations
Be able to work on own in isolation
High frustration toleration

Applicants that are interested in applying for the advertised position must apply by faxing their Curriculum Vitae (CV) to Fax :O86 -660-1061

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Gauteng, South Africa

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