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Operating Division: Transnet NPA
Position Title:Enterprise Risk Management - Specialist
Employee Group:Permanent
Department:Port Operations, SLJ
Reporting To:Senior Manager - Operations
Grade Level:G
Reference Number:10154796
Position Purpose:
The Manager: Enterprise Risk Management is required to provide professional and credible advice and effective enterprise
risk management functionalities in line with the Transnet Enterprise Risk Management Policy, Framework and Standards by
providing direction, management, training and leadership to all relevant internal and external stakeholders.
Position outputs:
Position Outputs:
1. Deliver and project manage the timeous delivery of professional services in the areas of managing:
o Enterprise Risk Management
o Strategy and Policy
PLEASE NOTE: Transnet, its employees or representatives never ask for a fee from job seekers. Any such requests are fraudulent. Please report any
suspicious activities in this regard to the Transnet anti-fraud line on 0800 003 056.
Implementation of the ERM standards and framework, TNPA and Port ERM business plan Including the development and
maintenance of Strategic ,Operational, Functional and Project Risk Registers for the port.
o Risk Profiling:
- Assist the business to implement policies ,standards and guidelines and interact with staff at all levels to achieve a
consistent, co-ordinated approach to the ERM standards
- Influence and Implement the appropriate modelling approaches suitable for the various operational/functional area risk
- Ensure clear and unambiguous reporting and communication of business units risk profiles and the aggregation of risk
o Facilitate and ensure compliance by business to the Transnet Legal framework, policies, procedures, uniform norms,
standards and solutions
o Manage the delivery of ERM services by the business against a defined set of performance standards (time and quality).
o Risk support and education. Provide technical ERM support to management at the port. Assist In the development,
modelling (where appropriate) and implementation of risk measurement tools in support of the TNPA business model. Meet
and exceed the expectations and objectives of core internal customers of TNPA. Develop an understanding of the various
risk factors driving TNPA's/Ports strategic, operational and project risks and its impact on TNPA's profile. Ensure compliance
with the Project Risk and Opportunity Management methodology at the port.
o Assist the port to identify emerging risks- institute appropriate mechanisms to perform detailed analysis, scanning of the
macro/micro environment for potential emerging risks.
o Risk Assurance - with TIA ensure that appropriate assurance processes exist for critical controls for strategic, operational
and ro-ect risks at business units.
o Keep abreast of the quantitative developments in the business risk management field and ensure that the necessary
adaptations are effected in TNPA if necessary and cascaded to business units.
2 Manages relationships with outsourced service providers and manages all costs relating thereto
3 Provides training and development to various stakeholders within the teams when necessary.
4 Manage outputs by effectively and efficiently managing the risk team, resources and time management in a pressurized
and deadline driven environment Conduct Performance Planning sessions and compile a Performance Management plan in
terms of:
- Job profile requirements
- Clearly define responsibilities and accountabilities
- Strategic performance objectives, i.e
•Key performance areas
•Personnel development plans
Resources required to achieve objectives
- Track and monitor performance in accordance with the Performance Management plan
•Continuously provide feedback and coaching to ensure that the team performs at optimum productivity levels
•Conduct performance reviews and take corrective actions where necessary
•Appraise performance at the end of each performance period
•Ensure that Human Resources are managed in accordance with relevant policies, procedures and legal
requirements and within allocated time frames
5. Improving current contracting processes to eliminate inefficient processes by developing new templates and
precedents and standard operating procedures
6. Timeous and quality reporting on all required reporting, monthly reports and audit reports etc.
7. Use of if necessary development and management of all knowledge and information repositories and information systems,
PLEASE NOTE: Transnet, its employees or representatives never ask for a fee from job seekers. Any such requests are fraudulent. Please report any
suspicious activities in this regard to the Transnet anti-fraud line on 0800 003 056.
Position Outcomes:
Navigating unclear boundaries and roles amongst stakeholders to minimize conflicts, and reliance on input from
"non-aligned" stakeholders for delivery on turnkey programmes.
Managing multiple internal and external stakeholder interfaces and forging alignment and cooperation between all
stakeholders. Managing performance of key role players in all functional areas Utilising and obtaining scarce resources to
implement and execute departmental objectives / programmes. Comprehension of the impact of large-scale PESTEL
economic, social, technological, environmental, legislative) impacts on the various legal matters. Resolution of problems that
have multiple sources of causes by
proactively interacting with other functionaries, including finance, human capital, procurement, engineering, marine services,
commercial, contract administration, SHE issues, as well as compliance and risk:
- Influencing and motivating change
- Managing conflicting priorities
Corporate bureaucracy/People management issues: Identify, intervening and managing a team that Is performing below the
required standard. Implementation of performance improvement plans.
Innovative strategies to effectively manage the Increasing workload
- Accurate activity level monitoring and value add monitoring reporting
- The role is dead line driven
The incumbent is required to operate within the policies and procedures of Transnet/TNPA and makes decisions with
regards to the implementation and execution of projects, deliverables and performance of day to day activities at a business
unit level and where necessary at a national level.
Management and support on all ERM related activities. Reduce overall risks and exposures identified throughout the
business. Engage with internal stakeholders from ports and HQ on an on-going basis to assist with Legal related queries.
Responsible for the management of information submitted to RISKCO, OPCO, EPMO, Risk Working Group and EXC sub-committees and to
Transnet and all other requisite reporting requirements. Effective management of team to deliver the outputs given the
challenges of the environment and working within a multiple priority system.
Qualifications & Experience:
•Essential: Relevant risk management degree or certification with business or management experience in managing risk in
a commercial and corporate environment.
•Membership of professional body (Law Society of SA) or risk institution.
Minimum Years Relevant Experience:
•5-8 years work experience in the field of business and or operational risk
•Maritime Law and or Industry knowledge
•National Ports Act
PLEASE NOTE: Transnet, its employees or representatives never ask for a fee from job seekers. Any such requests are fraudulent. Please report any suspicious activities in this regard to the Transnet anti-fraud line on 0800 003 056.
•ERM Methodology and Framework
•ERM Concepts
•King 111
•ERM Management Information Systems
•ERM - Has an excellent understanding for the latest thinking and its application to eliminate or reduce risk exposure for
organisational effectiveness legislation - good working knowledge of all relevant legislation pertaining to the portfolio.
•Managing change, resources, communication, you as a leader and interfaces to achieve results People Management -
sound track record of effective people management (both from a time management, delivery and being able to balance the
limited resources of time and people and delivery in a high pressurised environment and motivation skills including training
and developing the team.
•Administrative Skills- sound organising and administrative ability.
•Identifying continuous improvements in the ERM services deliverables to the organization and ensuring that viable
solutions are accepted and implemented research, interpretation and report writing skills;
•Cognitive Capacity
•Negotiation/dispute resolution skills
•Has the ability to identify and close control breaches within TNPA by influencing and managing In conjunction with other
Departments Attributes:
•Personal Attributes: Energy - is a "self-starter" and displays high levels of initiative, energy and enthusiasm. Energises
Others - inspires and motivates others through effective leadership. Execution - able to take difficult decisions and has a
track record for achieving results. Empathy - has the insights and sensitivities to effectively deal with people and build trust.
•Practical Implementation Skills
•Able to plan, organise and co-ordinate in situations Involving large groups with diverse viewpoints.
•Able to manage the implementation of a number of complex programmes (where there are few precedents) with competing
priorities and conflicting demands and deadline.
•Sets rational strategies for the long-term, including possible contingencies.
•Able to take effective decisions and follow through.
•Able to adjust plans without losing site of the strategic goals to be achieved.
•Interpersonal and Communication Skills
•Able to inspire others and has a strong personal commitment to the attainment of TNPA goals.
•Shows insight into the needs of others and Is able to build positive relationships, even in difficult situations.
•Inspires teamwork by guiding a large group to the attainment of agreed objectives.
•Listens with patience and understanding, takes time and responds honestly and uses care when judging others.
•Able to obtain a greater understanding of issues through effective questioning.
•Excellent verbal and written skills, able to present ideas with confidence and clarity to achieve the desired impact.
•Copes under pressure and is able to influence those who have an impact on the situation in the long-term.
•Conceptual Ability
o Able to analyse complex situations, which have multiple and conflicting priorities. Able to place these situations into
relevant, long-term context and to present solutions that address these conflicting priorities in the long-term.
o Uses imagination and creative insight to suggest a range of possible solutions. Able to turn problems into opportunities.
o Decision-making and judgement is based on an awareness of the issues (knock-on effects, constraints and sensitivities)
beyond the immediate "boundary" of the situation taking into account all the conflicting priorities. Produces convincing
long-term solutions that address the wider context Initiative
•Customer focussed
•Interpersonal sensitivity
•Attention to detail
•Logical thinking
•Information seeking
•Strategic planning
Other requirements:
Willing to work extended working hours
Willing to travel extensively locally and/or internationally if required
Desktop skills:
Transnet Leadership Competencies
Drivers licence code 8
Apply Here: https://goo.gl/YHUy8Z

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